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"The children were in a supermarket."

Translation:Bha a' chlann ann am mòr-bhùth.

April 24, 2020



Weird comment "you have a typo in your answer".The answer I gave was exactly as written above except for the apostrophe after "a", which was absent from the word boxes so couldn't have been inserted. At the same time mòr-bhùth was shown as two separate words, as though to put them together was wrong, and yet here the answer shows the two as hyphenated.


Another example of having to use the two words of a compound noun separately rather than the hyphenated version, i.e. "mòr", then "bhùth" is marked correct, but "mòr-bhùth" is marked wrong.


How come mor comes before bhuth??


mòr- can function as a prefix in some nouns – then rather than just describing the noun, it changes its meaning: am bùth mòr (or a’ bhùth mhòr – afaik bùth can be either a masculine or feminine noun) is the big shop (some regular shop that happens to be a big one) vs am mòr-bhùth the big-shop, ie. the supermarket, a different kind of shop. Cuid mhòr a big share, part vs mòrchuid (or mòr-chuid) majority.

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