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How many people have done the higher levels of Portuguese?

I've heard there are likely to be more mistakes the further you progress in the language tree because less people have reached that far. However I'm finding more and more simple mistakes eg the definite article "a" written as "la", and "he has not allow" given as an english translation. These are not subtle errors and it's starting to feel like uncharted territory. There also seems to be relatively few discussions. Have many people actually progressed past halfway?

May 6, 2013



I just keep going and report mistakes as I find them


Thats really helpful... by now im focusing my french, thats why i said i gave up on portuguese ;)


I've gone further than a half tree.... i reported many (too many) mistakes, but i gave up on trying Portuguese cause of the mistakes... even i'm a native!!!


I've done all but one. I'm Portuguese, and I've reported many mistakes, but I tested out of most lessons. Yes, you're impression is correct, I might even say going out of Beta might have been premature...


I'm just getting through Clitc Pronouns and People... Hopefully I'm not learning incorrectly... but yes, I plan to carry forward until I get through the whole thing.


I had some stressful moments in 'demonstrative pronouns' in spanish and it seems people are having the same in Port. There were some options where i think my sentence could work the same way, but.... however, you gonna get through this... luckly, i didnt break my monitor (hehe)

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