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New words added after I finished everything

I finished all the lessons some time ago and now do practice sessions daily to get very proficient and to hear things spoken. I will often close my eyes and just listen to sentences and try to translate them in my head before opening my eyes to look. However, there has been a glitch...sort of. DL is throwing me new words from time to time. New verbs, nouns etc. It's annoying, but I've learned to just deal with it (I know they are new words because I have a spreadsheet of everything I've learned here and on other programs). However it keeps throwing me new words but it is NOT adding them to my vocabulary list so I'm not getting them repeated so I can practice them again. Can I get someone at DL to please either fix the glitch so they don't pop up, or PREFERABLY, to just write something into the code to add the new words to my vocabulary. Would love someone at DL to please respond.

May 6, 2013

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I get new words but never see them again and they are not added to my vocabulary. I do write them down, how ever I would like to see them in my vocabulary list.

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