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"After a year of war, this country is finally at peace."

Translation:Après un an de guerre, ce pays est enfin en paix.

April 24, 2020



In France, we also can say : "Après une année de guerre...", Then, why isn't this answer being accepted?


"Une année" is accepted too, provided the rest of the sentence is correct as well.


I tried ""Après une année de la guerre, ce pays est finalement en paix" if "une année" is OK, is "finalement" wrong?


Je ne sais pas pourquoi!C'est étrange!J'ai aussi vu qu'il y a certaines structures syntaxiques qui ont besoin d'être modifiées tout au long des cours de Français.


It would be helpful if you could specify the point you want to make. What syntactic structure are you referring to? What's wrong with it?. How could it be improved?


Lucky country to have such a short war! Unfortunately most recent conflicts have dragged on for years :-((


Could someone explain why my word order of '...est en paix enfin' is wrong? Thanks.


In Duo's lingo adverbs immediately follow the conjugated verb.

But a cursory check agrees with Duo.

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