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An intriguing topic

I noticed that whenever I get the question to translate "they are in France" to french, I always get it wrong because I use ils instead of elles...My question is how do you know when to use ils or elles in that circumstance. Thank You

April 24, 2020



'Ils sont en France' is an acceptable (and accepted) translation of 'They are in France'.




Please tell us the complete sentence you use. As Atervanda states, both Elles and Ils are acceptable, so there must be another error. We can help you with that.


how do you know when to use ils or elles

you don't.

"ils sont en france" and "elles sont en france" are equally valid translations if no other clues are given. If you got it wrong check your sentence carefully to be sure that there are no other errors. If you are certain that there are not, then report as "my answer should be accepted" and move on.

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