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  5. "Pepper and salt."

"Pepper and salt."

Translation:Piobair agus salann.

April 25, 2020



I've read elsewhere that there was a database error and piobair should be piobar in some places - is this one of those places?


Looks like it, piobar is the nominative, piobair is genitive, it should be nominative here.


Can I please have a definition of genitive? I'm confusing my peppers! Lol


@silmeth Assuming your mod status gives you slightly more knowledge about Duolingo's inner workings than I have, do you know if there are plans for this database error to be fixed? (I've only been signed up for like a week but even I could tell something was up with piobar/piobair and looking at these comments it seems the problem's been around for a few months at least...)


It’s definitely gonna be fixed when the new tree with new skills is released, but I don’t think the contributors will fix it in the current one – and it will still take a while for the new tree to be a thing. But I don’t know too much more than you do, to be fair.


Well that's still more than I knew before, so thanks! :)


Elsewhere in this lesson i was typing sàlan and it was being accepted as salt, but here it is salann. Is this a case thing?

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