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How do I delete a language I no longer wish to learn?

8/9/2012, 1:13:49 AM

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I'd also like to know this. I started 'learning' Spanish just to show off the site to a friend and now I'd like it off my record... :)

12/17/2012, 7:02:20 PM

So this isn't possible?

9/11/2012, 1:00:28 AM

I'd love to delete a language too. Duolingo make this possible or at-least hide a language

1/8/2013, 7:29:05 PM

I would like to know that, too. I started "learning" German (it is actually my native tongue) and I feel bad for the points I made ;)

12/28/2012, 12:07:09 PM


1/27/2013, 12:10:33 PM

I too would like this option. Tried to learn three languages at a time. It was too much.

1/17/2013, 5:24:58 AM

i want to now it too

8/9/2012, 12:03:20 PM

I want to know too!

12/10/2012, 7:35:13 PM

I'm Italian, and native speaker in that language. I was just curious to know whether I can just rate some of the best translations. I know now that I can't, and something that looks like an attempt to learn it sticks on my profile. Thumb down for it!

2/6/2013, 7:13:20 PM

Is this still not an option? I would like to be able to delete Spanish from my profile...

3/19/2013, 8:03:55 PM

Me too! I want to delete Spanish (my second language, I already know), I clicked on it by accident because I was curious:(

4/9/2013, 11:38:52 PM
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Here's where I found it: edit profile > account > reset or remove languages

6/1/2013, 8:47:48 AM

Thanks a lot. They must have added it recently though.

6/1/2013, 10:31:28 AM

You could delete a language by going to "Edit Profile" and click on "Account". Under "Learning Language" it says Reset or Remove Languages. You could delete the language that you do not want but you have to make sure that if you click delete it will delete all the progress you did / didn't do.

9/10/2013, 9:57:38 PM
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