"A menina veste uma fantasia apertada."

Translation:The girl wears a tight costume.

May 6, 2013

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I'm thinking there must be a lot of superheroes in Brazil because I keep getting all these sentences about costumes and capes. Maybe masks and secret identities are farther down the tree? :-)


Have you heard about brasilian carnaval


are they everywhere everyday in Brazil....?


Of course not..

Late February or early March for four whole days...


oh my god how could people believe I was serious...it was a sarcastic but respectfull answer to phs...unbelievable


I think it's funny that each language on Duo has it's own set of cultural phrases... Brazilian Portuguese just happens to repeatedly talk about women, tight "costumes", drinking, and liking girls, etc. Point is, there is definitely a cultural spin to the phrases we learn.


Btw, i think Brazil isnt summed up on just that....i mean, to a foreigner's eye that might be this way, but not for people who live here. Just as an example, my friends and I dont like Carnaval, we drink socially and we spend our time on more cultural talks, not women...


....and I thought we were going to be friends :-(



IKR! I guess by the eyes of the op McGee and I are more Brazilian than Paulo.


Obviously Brazilians don't talk like that all the time. But I have noticed that the phrases are quite heteronormative. "Boys wear pants" "She likes short skirts" "Men drink beer" etc etc


Actually, not entirely correct here. I clearly remember a sentence that said that a man was wearing a skirt.


I remember that too, but you have to admit there's more of the other "I don't have skirts because I'm a man" and such.


On the other hand the female voice at one point says "I love my wife", which made me smile! Very modern.


It is the same in DuoLingo`s Russian and Italian courses, (boys in pants and girls in skirts) so either world is possessed with heteronormativity :) or DuoLingo gives us all a conversation topic


Duolingo Russian?


Sorry for misinformation, NO DuoLingo in Russian. doing several others (Babel, Memrize and such) so got messed up :)


awww. I wish there was Russian. :) Just curious. What apps do you use to learn other languages that are not on Duolingo?


Its not to reference any cultural norms, its meant to engage you in the ways certain words can be used


Can you say "uma fantasia justa"? Justa was used to say "tight" in one of my other sentences.


Check out this thread for the difference between justa and apertada: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/683006


Thanks, Very useful.


"Tight-fitting costume" makes more sense.


This would be "justa", not "apertada".


justa and apertado. What's the difference?


"Justo" means that the thing is the right size, adjusts perfectly. But "apertado" means that the size of the outside thing is a little smaller than it should be. So if, for instance, a lady wears a "vestido justo", that means that the dress fits perfectly and her shape is shown (I hope she is beautiful...) but she is confortable. It the dress is "apertado", it will not be confortable. These words can also be aplied to objects.

"Largo" means that the width of something is greater than usual, while "grande" refers to all dimensions of something or someone, as to be bigger than the average.

I think that "longo" and "comprido" are interchangeable, both refers to lenght.

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