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The word "in" in French

I can't seem to understand when I should use the word "en" or "à" in sentences. Is there any easy way to remember when to use which? Thank you in advance.

April 25, 2020



Be sure to always read the tips in each Duolingo lesson. There are good explanations there.

There are many uses, and some exceptions. Anyway, here are a few common uses of à and en:

to mean “at”:

--- Je suis à la maison.

--- Je suis au restaurant. ("au" is a contraction of à + le)

to mean “to”:

---- Je vais à la plage.

---- Je vais au restaurant. ("au" is a contraction of à + le)

-- months ---- en août (in August)

-- transportation ---- en train, en avion (by train, by plane)

-- time ---- en trois jours (in three days)


Thank you for the explanations and examples.


à is used for more specific locations like the store, or Paris. En is used for larger locations, like France or Europe.



You use "à" for specific places and cities:

Specific places: à la banque, au parc, au musée, à la boulangerie;

Cities: à Paris, à Londres, à New York

For larger places, e.g. countries, you use "en" for feminine countries or countries that begin with a vowel, and "à" (which will become au since countries come with their own articles) for masculine countries:

Feminine/Vowel: en Chine, en France, en Australie, en Amérique

Masculine: au Japon, au Brésil, au Canada


For modes of transport, you use "en" for public transport and à for individual transport:

Public: en train, en voiture, en avion, en taxi, en métro

Personal: à pied, à velo, à moto


à = at en = in (a large area) dans = inside something like a closet, box, car, train


à in fench is used for specific locations like store, etc. en is used for a large are area like France, etc.

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