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"Dat is mijn eerste neushoorn."

Translation:That is my first rhinoceros.

July 22, 2014



Yes, the first of many.


Larry is mijn eerste neushoorn en Willem is mijn tweede neushoorn.


Going by the rate at which they're being poached it may well be your last!


You remember that sentence. So you learned a very useful pattern. You can change the noun in that sentence. That is my first conversation, my fist trip to the Netherlands / to Belgium, my first book about ...


I really can't imagine a scenario where this could make sense


You are a young veterinarian fresh out of school who has specialized in exotic animals and taken an internship at a dutch zoo. You go out to the large animal area to examine an inflamed hoof/foot. Someone asks you if you've worked on one of these before. "I've worked on elephants," you might say, "maar dit is mijn eerste neushoorn."


If you visit Africa and see a rhino for the first time in the wild, you would be able to use this sentence.


I just love these sentences...


why is it that mijn can not be translated as mine?


Long ago it would have been acceptable, but in modern English MY is a possessive adjective in front of a noun and MINE is a possessive pronoun which takes the place of a noun. The book is mine, but It is my book.


In english there is a difference between "mine" and "my", in Dutch is there no distinction, as the word mijn can be used for both? For instance in english I could say, " my rhino runs riot through my neighbours garden" or "that rhino on the news that has been terrorising people in London is mine". Both mean essentially the same thing, except for maybe some tenses


I thought that "mine" was "van mij"? So "that rhinoceros is mine" would be "die neushoorn is van mij". Or is that not the case??


Hmmm now you said that, I think you are right


I didn't want to fail another question so I didn't try this, but would rhino work as most English speakers, American at least, just use Rhino over Rhinoceros. Or is there a shorter word for this that Duolingo is using instead?


Rhino was accepted for me.


Één neushorn is nie genoeg.

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