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"Vous réfléchirez à cet exercice pour jeudi."

Translation:You will think about this exercise for Thursday.

April 25, 2020



What does it mean? To what does "jeudi" relate? To exercise? Then is it an exercise that must be finished before Thursday, or that must be performed on Thursday being previously thought out for several days? Or should I think about the already totally failed exercise till Thursday when it'll be discussed? Or finally is this Translation an exercise to translate a highly ambiguous French phrase into equally ambiguous English one, thus achieving a perfect match in their outstanding ambiguity?

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Can the verb réflechir be used as a reflexive verb? Vous vous réfléchirez... ??


I like how Duo translates to "pour Jeudi" to "on Thursday" except for when you try to use it in the answer.


It's telling me I'm wrong before I get three words in haha...


Guess i shouldn't have used the abbreviation for Thursday

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