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Streak is confusing 2 languages


I'm focusing on dutch currently, and have been working on it for a week. In the same time, I took advantage to refresh a basic skill in Spanish, which I have been learning earlier this year.

This morning, I got a message that I lost my streak bet. My Dutch has been steady, so it surprised me. I also got a mail saying that my Spanish is on fire (4 days streak, which is wrong).

May be I didn't understand how the streak bet applies, or I did something wrong by switching languages. I expect the bet to apply to one of the languages, and not both.

July 22, 2014



There are two streak values retained by DL, an overall streak value and separate streaks for individual languages. The overall streak value is used for the streak bet and the streak shown on your home page. I am not sure how the individual streaks are used but you should not loose your streak or your bet as long as you practice at least one of your languages per day (you need to have earned at least 1 XP during the 24 hour period from doing or practicing lessons. If you refresh a skill but loose all your lives before finishing it you earn no XP's and could loose your streak.

I am assuming that all your languages are from the base English, if you have different bases then I am not sure what would happen but I assume that each will have a separate streak value, but I could be wrong.

If you are earning more than 1 XP and you still loose your streak the report this via the support button.


You're right, support is the way to go. I do understand the streak bet just like you explained.

Thanks for your attention.


I guess it would help everyone if they brought back the display showing the streak per language on the website. It used to be available on this site but went away when they redesigned it. The streak per language is available on the android app but not on the website. The website seems to only show the overall strength which actually caused me to break a streak in Spanish once because I thought I had studied both languages that day and couldn't tell on the website (my phone had died so I couldn't access the app).


It used to be available on this site but went away when they redesigned it.

The website has always used the "site_streak" value (number of consecutive days in which any streak is extended), even before the interface redesign. Although they're tracked (invisibly to users) on the website, only the mobile apps have made use of the individual language streaks.


Maybe I was in some AB Test or something, but when I used to hover over the little flame, the pop-up would show each language and the separate streak per language. I actually had 2 different values that I used to remind me if I had done both. One was 10 days longer, so I knew that if the flame showed I had continued my streak but the languages weren't 10 days apart, then I still needed to do one of the languages.

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