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"Was könnten wir heute Abend essen?"

Translation:What could we eat tonight?

May 6, 2013



könnten is not past tense, it is subjunctive, just like could. (what can we eat - was können wir essen, what could we eat - was könnten wir essen). past tense is konnten


Oh ok thank you! And scratch that about helping me with two answers. You helped me with three! Wow haha thank you so much. :) :)


Question - is German subjunctive like French conditional? Or are they just the same when it comes to modal verbs?


What can we eat for dinner today? Why is today wrong?


It's only correct if "dinner" means "evening meal". Sometimes the midday meal is called "dinner" in British English, especially as in "school dinners".


As a British resident, I just wanted to point out that we NEVER use 'dinner' for any midday meal except 'school dinners' and even school dinners is rapidly becoming an outdated phrase. 'School lunches' is the more prevalent usage.


where I live in the UK, dinner still means lunch. Just saying.


Wow, never heard that before. At least in South England, it isn't common :)


yeah. I do believe it's a class thing. Dinner is the main meal of the day. People who come from an agricultural background tended to traditionally have their main meal at midday, and a smaller meal at night. Hence, dinner being midday for them.

Similarly, richer families tended to have their main meal at night. Hence, dinner being the night time meal.

I say breakfast, lunch/dinner, supper.


Why könnten and not können? Why is it in the past tense?


Because could is not past tense per se.

I could be wrong about this though (<-- see what I did there?).


Would people say "today evening" instead of "this evening" in English?


No, it sounds really weird. We say 'yesterday evening' and 'tomorrow evening' but never 'today evening' same applies for every part of the day. You'll never hear 'today morning' or 'today afternoon' etc. You could say something like 'during the evening today I plan to play the piano' but it sounds overly formal for normal conversation.


• What could we eat to eat? is a strange correct answer


What could we eat to eat received here too. Needs removed


How do you say 'I don't know' in German? Because thats how the girlfriend responds to this question all the time.

Ich nicht weiss?


Hmm. So if it's subjunctive, can't I say "What WOULD we be able to eat tonight?" I'm also getting German subjunctive confused with Spanish conditional, similar to kpelle27 and French.


Why is "What are we able to eat tonight?", wrong?


Apparently heute doesn't mean today here.


'What could we tonight eat?' ??


'What should we eat tonight?' should be accepted surely?

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