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  5. "Are there bears in Scotland?"

"Are there bears in Scotland?"

Translation:A bheil mathain ann an Alba?

April 25, 2020



I frequently get confused using "anns an" versus "ann an". Is there a clever hint to help?


You use ann an if there's no preposition and anns an if there is one, ie in a house = ann an taigh, in the house = anns an taigh


In both your examples there is the preposition "in". The difference is that "ann an" is the preposition "in" used where there is no article (in Gaelic) and "anns" is the preposition "in" used in front of the article. The confusing thing is that the "an" in "ann an" looks like the Gaelic article but it's not, it's simply a part of the preposition. You might ask why then is "ann an" written as two words. Search me. Some historical reason I guess.


Tha, ann an sùthan.

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