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"My boss is even more unpleasant now."

Translation:Mon chef est encore plus désagréable maintenant.

April 25, 2020



"Mon chef est même plus désagréable maintenant." was not accepted. Why?


These are set phrases:

  • "even more" = encore plus
  • "even less" = encore moins.


It doesn't sound very natural. It sounds a bit formal, or literary. You would use même with a more complete sentence like Mon chef est même plus désagréable maintenant que quand je l'ai renconré.

Don't forget to pronounce the -s in plus here because if you don't it will sound like Mon chef (n')est même plus désagréable maintenant which means my boss is not unpleasant anymore.


Thanks for your quick reply. I understand your point in the first paragraph but not the second concerning the "s."


Plus can mean either more or not anymore.
Sometimes in a given sentence there can be a confusion, so you need the pronounce the final -s to be sure to be understood.

J'en veux plus. I want more.
Je n'en veux plus (pronounce plu) I don't want any anymore

J'en veux plus. (pronounce plu) I don't want any anymore


"Ma cheffe est encore plus désagréable maintenant" was accepted.


Why is "Mon chef est maintenant encore plus désagréable." rejected? Reported.

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