April 25, 2020

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What's the difference between aadha and aadhe, and when is either to be used?


आधे is the oblique case form of आधा. It is used when the noun phrase containing आधा is the object of a postposition. Eg: आधे सेब से मेरा पेट नहीं भरेगा। (literally 'My stomach won't be full from half an apple''). Since the noun phrase 'आधा सेब' is the object of the postposition से, we need to use the oblique case form 'आधे सेब'.

आधे is also the masculine plural form of आधा. For example, इनमें से आधे सेब ख़राब हैं (Half of these apples are bad). Since सेब is plural in this sentence, we need to use the plural form आधे.

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