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  5. "Chan eil uan agam."

"Chan eil uan agam."

Translation:I do not have a lamb.

April 25, 2020



At the beginning of the English translation. ;-) As for its equivalent part of the Gaelic sentence (the I or me there), then it’s agam at me, literally the sentence means a lamb is not at me.

You might want to look at the tips and notes to the lessons – it’s explained in the Pets skill notes – they are available in the web browser version of Duolingo (not in the mobile app unfortunately), you can also access them on the duome.eu website.


So agam is "I have" and agad is "you have". I had assumed this was a gender agreement with the noun not an article. Many thanks


If I said "Tioraidh, spòrsail agad." as in "Goodbye, have fun." would that be grammaticaly correct?


It wouldn’t.

First, spòrsail is an adjective, think full of fun, sportful, enjoyable. You can’t have it, as it’s not a thing, it’s an adjective, a description. But you could use the noun spòrs sport, activity, fun.

But then, I have X is not just X agam, it is tha X agam (lit. X is at me) – you need the verb to be.

So to literally say have fun, you need to state something like may fun be at you. And that would be biodh spòrs agad (with biodh being the 3rd person imperative: may (s)he/it/they be!, let him/her/it/them be!) – and judging from Google it is used by some people. But then, this is quite literally have fun, own fun and that’s not necessarily how you speak about enjoying stuff in Gaelic…

So perhaps a better choice would be gabh spòrs (lit. take fun, take sport) – which is also a calque from English, but more common – as given by Am Faclair Beag for have fun: https://faclair.com/ViewEntry.aspx?ID=7665C689B405B49CE5766A52CFA3ED3C

And then you could say gabh tlachd (de X / ann an X) for enjoy X, or perhaps more straightforward meal X for enjoy X.

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