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Feedback and issues with 'Review flashcards' [EDITED 2x]

  • It's not strengthening any weak words for my german vocabulary and the words are starting to repeat a lot. In Italian I have more than 500 weak words, in german I have 21 weak words, I did 4 sessions and none of my weak words appeared in the german. Don't know if weak words should be used in those flashcards.

  • [ALREADY FIXED] I got a little bit confused in the very beginning because the options were 'Wrong' or 'Correct' and I wasn't too much familiarized with flashcards. Later on I realized it was really about saying if 'Yes', I did know the meaning before flipping or 'No', I didn't know the meaning. So it's about being sincere.

  • It would be also useful if you could put the gender for the nouns. I just did the german version and realized that gender was the biggest issue for me in some cases.

  • If Duolingo wants to reduce overhead, it could add a 'Refresh' button on top of the Words page. This would avoid auto-refreshing every time you end up a session with 'Review flashcards'. I personally did multiple sessions, and I wouldn't wish the page to auto-refresh everytime I finished (you have to wait the refresh to start a new session).

  • Sometimes the translation provided after flipping is too different from what we learned. This is useful sometimes, but useless when complex translations are offered. I would suggest using the most popular translation, or a list of possible translations.

  • My italian tree is not shading skills from one day to the other: I did a couple of review flashcards, and the three stopped getting shaded. It usually shaded 3/4 skills everyday, and I liked it, now, 2 days in a row without any gray skills. Is that good or bad? I don't know, but I would say I miss being told: 'Hey, why don't you look at these skills and reinforce them?'. I think in my case it created some imbalance. Reinforcing vocabulary meaning and usage look two different things to me.

July 22, 2014



Thanks marcocaramori for the feedback. We are taking a look!


Hi Marssy! Is there any way to get an official DL explanation/update or just additional information on when the rest of us will get lucky enough to have access to the vocabulary lists?! I'm sure y'all are working hard on this but Duo's silence is really sending a different message and some of us who used to use the list feature are getting really frustrated and restless. Thank you, in advance, for addressing this and passing it along to someone who can make something happen!


I agree with your comments, though I see they have already changed the 'wrong /right' option! I have found some of the translations very strange (eg mancare = (to) left!); should one agree to get it right? There is no option to feedback errors, but I'm pleased to see that doing the cards does strengthen my words, so that is good!


I just discovered that I am also among the users that are able to test this new feature. I will try it tonight or so, for those that don't know where to find it : it is under the "Words" section that is available for some (but not all) people on the web version. It might not be available to everyone that has the "Words" section though.


I just discovered and tested this feature as well. After two 'runs' of cards, I would echo the sentiment that a report option would be very welcome, as I believe I have identified several questionable translations, and one clear error on a German flashcard where the suggested translation does not appear to be accurate.


I have also noticed fewer skills needing strengthening each day; yesterday my entire tree remained gold, which was rather spooky and worrying! I have also had some very weird, and some plainly wrong, answers on the flashcards. I have reported some through the support tab. Hope it will be sorted, as I think it is potentially very useful.


I, too, requested the articles for nouns as that is my only struggle in German.


Flashcards don't work on my phone, yet work fine on my laptop. What's up with that?


I don't think this feature exists on the mobile app.

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