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"Chan eil thusa spaideil, tha mise spaideil!"

Translation:You are not well-dressed, I am well-dressed!

April 25, 2020



That's because I still have the bonnet I stole from Calum!


This would use a semi-colon in English which made me wonder if there are punctuation differences in Scottish Gaelic?


Could spaideil mean smartly dressed or is there another phrase or word for that?


what is the pronounciation difference between broad and slender 'l'? What makes spaideal end differently from spaideil?


Broad L is always the veralized ‘dark’ L [ɫ̪].

Slender L has two pronunciations – lenited and unlenited. When it is unlenited, it’s palatal [ʎ̪], when lenited it’s the ‘regular’ [l̪] (here it’s a single l after a vowel, so lenited [l̪], in spaideal it’s broad velarized [ɫ̪]).

See Liquids or - L N R in Gaelic: Give me an L on the Akerbeltz wiki and Scottish Gaelic phonology: Lenition and spelling on Wikipedia.

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