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April 25, 2020

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Where are you from?

how old are u Ahmed

17, nice too meet u Ahmed

hi how bout ramadan in your country

why ? that would be a good question.

Why are you not in the kitchen?

Why do you want me to enter the kitchen? In order to burn it whenever it burned last year

Our society think . women just for cook and clean and for sex ( if her husband want ) I am sorry to say that

I think you only talk about yourself

Why are "you" not in the kitchen?, not me

It is not my turn today

My turn was yesterday and And on Monday

Lol i mean abdelhakim918870

When I'm hungry, come in

And why do you want me to insert it

مساعدة الماما في التحضير

امي مو معاي بالبيت

Why you are so cute? ♥️

that's soo sweet thxx :((

So I think you are not a beautiful girl ?

what is your name?

Lucy or Aljohara

Can you come to egypt someday...?!

I hope to visit it again because I visited it before

.?Really, when was the last time you were here in egypt

Almost 12 months ago

What are the most places you liked in egypt

Giza Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Egyptian Museum, Sphinx and Saqqara

Hello how are you doing today

The day did not pass at best but good

Hey who have name (imLucy) can we talk we can learn more if you want ?

of course I want

where are you from and who are you

Hello dear , I am from Morocco my name is Fouad

I am fine and you

I am Fine thank U !

what is your name

Aljohara, nice to mmet u menna

Where are you from?

اللهه سعودية امريكية

هاي الجوهرة شلونج ؟؟ انا الدانة من البحرين

المناقشات ذات الصلة

تعلم لغة في 5 دقائق فقط يوميًا. مجانًا.