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  5. "They fish every day."

"They fish every day."

Translation:Bidh iad ag iasgach a h-uile latha.

April 25, 2020



Would you use bidh for the habittual as well? I thought I remembered Bidh is only used for future and the future tense of the verb (presumably iasgachaidh?) would be used when it was habbitual?


Yes, future tense in general may be used for habitual and (re)iterative actions, and that’s also true for the verb bi + a(g) + verbal noun.

sgrìobhaidh sinn litir thuige a h-uile là we write (to) him a letter every day (simple future tense used habitually, example from taic.me.uk)

bidh iad fhathast a’ coinneachadh san taigh-òsta a h-uile Oidhche Luain they still meet in the hotel every Monday night (future of the verb bi + verbal noun; example from Colin B.D. Mark’s Gaelic Verbs: Systemised and Simplified, ch. 3, §A.1., p. 25)

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