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"I understand now; that makes sense!"

Translation:Je comprends maintenant, c'est logique !

April 25, 2020



Would "c'est plein de bon sens !" or just "c'est de bon sens !" work?


"To make sense" and "être plein de bon sens" are not synonyms.

"To make sense" is to be sensible/understandable/relevant/logical/rational/clever.
Basically, if something makes sense, you understand it.

"Plein de bon sens" is limited to common sense, sound judgment, practicality.
Basically, if something is "plein de bon sens/de bon sens", you judge it as sound or reasonable.


Would "c'est plein de bon sens !" work?

Absolutely! Very idiomatic.

"C'est du bon sens" would be used a bit differently though. E.g : "Je ne vais pas lui demander de tondre la pelouse alors qu'il a 90 ans, c'est du bon sens.", "Il ne va pas apporter du porc à cette fête musulmane, c'est du bon sens."


Duo accepted 'ca a du sens' march 7, 2021


'Ça fait logique' Sounds nice to me, is it incorrect?


Mon Dieu... I gave Duo "c'est logique" for 'that makes sense' about 10 minutes ago and she threw it back in my face. Now, I use "ça se tiens" and he throws THAT back in my face. %&$&$ chouette! I don't care if you dress nicely!

I am using about 5 different Android apps to assist my translations, when needed, and they often don't even come close to what Duo is thinking.

Blinking (not even) minority report!


Irrespective of the apps you use for your translations, conjugation forms don't change: "Ça se tient".


You are correct, thanks. I will assume that the corrected phrase would have been accepted.


is 'ca fait du sense' right?


No, only "cela/ça a du sens" or "c'est sensé". But I am not sure DL accepts those.

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