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"She didn't even say hello when she saw me."

Translation:Elle n'a même pas dit bonjour quand elle m'a vu.

April 25, 2020



I am confused about the placement of "meme" and "ne...pas". In the last question the correct answer was "Il ne m'a meme achete pas", and now the "dit" is outside the "ne.... pas". Is anyone able to shed any light please?


In the last question the correct answer was "Il ne m'a meme achete pas"

I doubt it. Il ne m'a même pas acheté is the correct way to write/say it.


Is "Elle n'a même pas dit bonjour quand elle m'a vue" also possible if I am a woman?


I don't think the avoir verbs need to agree like the être verbs do, so " Elle m'a vu" is correct without the "e".


Hello=Salut??? , isn't it?


Yes and no. "Salut" is a bit more colloquial than "hello". You only say "salut" to people you know well and are comfortable with (a friend, a neighbour, a coworker). Saying "salut" to a salesperson or a cashier would sound very rude/awkward.


It also has to do with the fact that dire bonjour is a kind of fixed expression.
Tu pourrais dire bonour quand même !
Dis bonjour à la dame.
Il ne me dit plus bonjour depuis deux mois.


And don't they actually say "hello" (like "hello") in France???? I got marked down.


We do. It's colloquial and rarely used, because it is obviously English. We say "hello" as you guys might say "bonjour".


You often hear "allô" when someone picks up a phone call.


I put bonjour in those quotes as is normally done and it's wrong this time


It's bonjour that she didn't even say. Not that she didn't even say. The English, to be uber correct, should have been "She didn't say even hello when she saw me." However, one can think of "say hello" as a unit and then it would fly. I was marked wrong for saying dit même bonjour instead of même dit bonjour. I wonder if the way I put it is awkward in French or simply wrong?


Elle n'a même pas dit bonjour quand elle m'a vu


What about "Elle ne m'a même pas dit bonjour quand elle m'a vu"?

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