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#Latin Moment! Day Twenty

You all have probably heard of a creed. Maybe like Assassin's Creed... no? Okay.

Source: Dictionary.com

Link to previous Latin Moment: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38068874

A creed is "any system, doctrine, or formula of religious belief, as of a denomination." The word comes from the Latin "credo," which means "I believe." So a creed is something that one believes in. English really just mugged Latin for that word.

If any of you remember, in one of my previous posts I included this Latin phrase: "Nihil verum, omnia licita." This is the creed of the Assassin's; it means "nothing is true, everything is permitted."

Also: I'm planning on doing this for a month, so a total of 31 days. After day thirty-one I have something else planned, so stay tuned. :)

Stay safe, Assassin

April 25, 2020



Thanks. I am looking forward to your next project.

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