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  5. "Tha na coin dìreach àlainn."

"Tha na coin dìreach àlainn."

Translation:The dogs are just lovely.

April 25, 2020



A bit frustrated that Duo did not accept my "simply" as translation for "direach". But, yeah, the course creators canot foresee every single translation that people might try.


I played with Google translator, and noted that "dìreach" works as the intensifier "simply" as well.


I think the dogs are just lovely and the dogs are simply lovely have basically the same meaning in English, so it doesn’t look like a bad translation to me (but still, Duolingo might not accept that – there are infinite number of hypothetically correct translations, nobody can predict them all to make Duolingo accept them, that’s an impossible task).

But I’d warn you not to trust Google Translate too much when it comes to Gaelic – it has much too few examples to properly handle the language and might give you very bad grammar and words.

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