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"I'm sure that I'm not going to forget."

Translation:Je suis sûr que je ne vais pas oublier.

April 25, 2020



Since Duo is teaching us the French structure of using a present tense for some future action, can this be "Je suis sûr, je n'oublie pas" ??? Thank you!


There is nothing at the beginning of the sentence which points to a future event. This is why you need to use a future tense (near future/simple future).


The structure is not correct, it should be Je suis sûr que je n'oublie pas. But I don't think it would be more natural than Duo's sentence, and it's not a better translation anyway. It doesn't really express the future.


Which is the different between (sûr) and (sûre) when to use each one?


At level 25, I think you might guess that "sûr" is masculine and "sûre" is feminine.


I think your answer is roude, if you can't do it in a gentle way; abstain. Or just to the point. Thank you anyway


' Je suis sûr que je n'oublie pas' was marked incorrect. Yet in previous exercises Duo indicated it was acceptable, idiomatic even, to use the present tense to indicate intention/ future action. Are there any rules to guide in this usage?


It is acceptable to use the present tense if and when there is an indication of future action. There is none in this sentence.


"Je suis sûr que je ne vais pas à oublier " was marked wrong. Why? In a similar construction elsewhere, I was marked wrong because I didn't use "à" before the infinitive verb. I remember, the verb was " manger". I had left the comment that time also. Have still to receive clarification. Please clarify.


"Je vais à" precedes a destination: Je vais à l'école = I'm going to school.

The near future tense does not use "aller à" but "aller + infinitive": "Je ne vais pas oublier"


Thank you. But then why was "Je prépare quelque chose manger" marked wrong? And why is "Je prépare quelque chose à manger "correct? Thanking you in anticipation of an answer.


"Quelque chose à + infinitive" is a set construction. It is not related to how one verb or another needs a preposition to introduce another verb in the infinitive.

  • Je commence à manger
  • Je finis de manger
  • Je veux manger


Got it. Thank you, Sitesurf.


Je suis sûr que je n'oublierai pas > accepted

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