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"'s Woensdags eet ik geen vis."

Translation:On Wednesday I do not eat fish.

July 22, 2014



's Woensdags dragen wij roze.


If someone is curious to know where the ''s' and the 's' after woensdag comes from: the ''s' comes from 'des' which is abbreviated to ''s' and 'des' was used in the ancient form of Dutch. German still uses all the forms which we all took down to have only 'de' and 'het' left :)


But what does " 's " mean?


It's short for des, it's a remnant of grammatical case that used to exist in Dutch (BTW this still exists in German). Des means van de or van het (of the - which sounds odd if you would replace 's). In cases like the following only the abbreviated form 's is used:

  • 's ochtends (in the morning)
  • 's avonds (at night)
  • 's winters (in winter)
  • 's maandags (on Mondays)
  • etc.

The other uses are fixed expressions like:

  • de heer des huizes (the lord of the house - notice that huizes is also affected by the genitive case)
  • te allen tijde (at all times)
  • and quite a few more, don't worry too much about them, native Dutch speakers often have problems with them as well (especially spelling)


Great explanation :)

(ps: it is especially)


'wednesdays' was not accepted; it should be


Strangely, "i don't eat fish on Wednesdays." Was accepted.


I think "'s Woensdags" implies every Wednesday, while "op woensdag" refers to a particular Wednesday (most likely the following Wednesday).


it is not necessarily true that 'op woensdag' implies a particular wednesday, though ''s woensdags'' does imply every wednesday


but you can say "op woensdagen" too?


In the comment below it is said that this construction is in the genitive case, so "s" at the end of "woensdag" indicates the grammatical case, but not the plural form.


Just a little bug the hints for clicking on " 's " and "Woensdags" in this sentencd just come up with the word again in dutch. This is on the android version


is there a difference between "'s woensdags" and "op woensdag"?


Judging by the hints and tips bit, they're perfectly interchangeable, but 's woensdags is more common.


I think there is a difference. "'s Woensdags" is more generalized. It's more like "always/normally on Wednesdays", while "op woensdag" is rather referring to a special (most likely the the next or the last) Wednesday. But to some extinct they probably are interchangable.


Why is the 's not capitalized here? Woensdags is capitalized so shouldnt the 's be too? Just going off what someone else said in another question about the 's


I read in another question that at the beginning of sentences the s stays small and the following letter is capitalizes. s'Woensdags. weird, right? :-)


How would you pronounce the s? Isn't it hard to hear it in a sentence?


You attach it to the next word, so it comes out like 'Swoensdags'. It's always audible.


So it is dagen but woensdags!


It's not plural, it's a genitive s. " 's Woensdags" is like a genitive sandwich.


About the word order here... is it to maintain the verb in second position in the sentence? (V2?)


Can I say, for example, " 'S Woensdags, ik eet geen vis. " ? -> I added a comma.


Can someone please explain sentence structure. Especially the second part of the sentence


The rule is called V2—in the main clause, the verb comes second. In this case, 's woensdags is at the beginning of the main clause, so the subject and verb are ordered atypically so that the verb comes second.


Does "woensdag" act as a subordinating conjunction?


No. 's woensdags acts as an adverb. Woensdag itself is just a noun meaning Wednesday.


"'s woensdags eet ik geen vis" shouldn't be translated with "On wednesday i do not eat a fish". "Geen" seemed to imply the use of the article "a"/"an" in english translation


Not only "Not a/an" but also "Not any."

"On Wednesday i don't eat a fish" is a bit awkward, perhaps not wrong, but "On Wednesday i don't eat any fish." Is definitely better, and in my opinion it should be accepted.


"Every Wednesday I don't eat fish." was not accepted.. ?


For "every" to be correct, the word "elke" has to be there in the Dutch version.


How 's is pronounced?


Just curious, why "Woensdags" and not "Woensdagen"?

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