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  5. "Ik heb een kleurrijke rok."

"Ik heb een kleurrijke rok."

Translation:I have a colorful skirt.

July 22, 2014



Can "kleurig" also be used to describe something as colourful? As I noticed that in the reverse course, it was used to describe "colourful" too.


I'm not a native english speaker. What is the difference between 'colorful' and 'colourful' ?


Colorful is American spelling, whereas colourful is British spelling.


Colourful is the correct spelling in English-speaking nations all over the world with the exception of one rather insignificant country. Colorful is the spelling in the USA.


To speak of a correct spelling is wrong as there are many standards around the world, the BrE is only one of them. And I also saw the shortened variant—applied in words like colorful—used by many African speakers of the English language simply because they were socialised with media that provided them this standard. To say that therefore, they wrote it wrong because they did not comply with the BrE standard is prescriptivist and therefore wrong.


Your argument doesn't make sense. There is no such thing as a "BrE standard".


What I meant to say is that BrE is a standard by itself, such as AmE is. And I am sure that you would find a dozen more standards of the English language, even some that would rather write theater instead of theatre, or center instead of centre; who would more likely eat chips instead of French fries and chips instead of crisps.


Kleurige should be acceptable.


Oh okay! Bedankt :D


Question: If i want to write a sentence with an adjective. When i put an "e" is sentence? "Geen rode kleren" Why that is "rode" but not "rood"?


Leading only from the pronunciation, this sounds almost like the German word “glorreich”. (Glorious) :D

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