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"This American actress adopted five kids."

Translation:Cette actrice américaine a adopté cinq enfants.

April 26, 2020



Why does the adopté not require an additional e: adoptée ? Thanks.


When the auxiliary verb is avoir the past participle does not agree with the subject.

Link : Le passé composé: the past tense in French


Merci ! I must have asked this four times in four different threads. I think you might have told me this before. It just isn't sticking!


Don't worry, the French themselves struggle with this rule.


I'm guessing this is an Angelina Jolie reference?


The only person that I could think of


Earlier, when I used "a adoptée" instead of "a adopté", it was followed by a lesson to use "a adopté" and not "adopter", which I had not done. The error of using the feminine "adoptée" is doubtful, but the perception that I had used "adopter" was erroneous.

Might check your code.


While "kids" is used as parlance in spoken English, when you're teaching a language il faut que vous soyez plus prudent. In English, a kid is a young goat. Don't take things for granted.

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