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"Ils m'en donneront un pour mes dix-huit ans."

Translation:They will give me one of them for my eighteenth birthday.

April 26, 2020



Just a thought. These latest modules don't seem to have any tips. It would be appreciated to provide a new phrase or term as in the way to say my whatever years before putting it in a sentence for us to fail. It makes me rather cranky.


Continued tips or pointers would be helpful. I agree. One could also translate this as "...when I am eighteen." (was not accepted).


If you don't think of it as a test but as a learning opportunity, then you didn't fail, you succeeded because one way or another you learned something new. If you don't want to miss a single point, google it and see what you come up with. A few lessons ago I heard something I couldn't recognize. It sounded like "Jean et Mar", which was meaningless and didn't fit. I entered it anyway, knowing I'd get the right answer in response. "J'en ai marre." Oh yeah! No way I would have remembered that one, even though we've had it. I couldn't understand the words. I will now for at least the next few hours. When you have 20 thousand or 70 thousand XP, you won't miss one. If you are this far in the class, you've learned a ton! Well done, Jennie!


Thank you for saying what I've been thinking, madamoiselle. Je t'ai donné un lingot. :)

In this case, I successfully guessed 'eighteenth birthday,' but it would be nice not to have to guess at new phrases.

On the other hand, French waiters don't come equipped with Tips sections (well, not in the sense we're discussing. LOL), and we'll have to jump out of the nest eventually. I suppose this is a good a place as any.


Why is the word for birthday missing. It literally translates as my eighteen years which on gas to assume means my eighteenth birthday. If Duo is going to introduce new expressions I think it is only fair to give us some warning. It is a very poor teaching technique to confront you with a new expression


Good guess, and DL probably expected you to understand what "mes dix-huit ans" means.

"Mes dix-huit ans" is the usual way of saying "my 18th birthday". Yet, you can say "mon dix-huitième anniversaire" when you get the English sentence for translation to French.


It sounded like 'Il m'en donnera....' to me. Very difficult to differentiate.


My answer was marked incorrect! they will give me one for my eighteenth birthday


I thought "en" meant "some" What is the clue that ONE was given, rather than "some?'


Yes, en means some, but when the un is placed later, it changes give me some to give me one.


This is the 2nd time I've had this question in the module. The first time was marked correct and I gave exactly the same answer which has been marked incorrect. I wrote: Ils m'en donneront un pour mon dix-huitième anniversaire. Why is this wrong?


Please remove this new voice. It's annoying.


I agree it is a ridiculous voice as if there is something wrong with his larynx.


Please address your complaints to Duolingo via the Help link at the bottom of the page. The staff don't read the forums which are reserved for users to discuss the language they are learning.



the word "my" is missing.

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