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  5. "Do you believe in God?"

"Do you believe in God?"

Translation:Vous croyez en Dieu ?

April 26, 2020



The heading of this lesson should be "Religion", not "Sports" - that way I could have skipped it.


Why is this in sport? None of the words in this sentence talk about sport!


The hint over "believe" says "croire à", is there a reason why this is "croire en"?


This has nothing to do with sport, but as you have asked the question, the answer is no.


For a country with a forced secular dress code, France seems to pray a lot. But what dos prayer have to do with sports? Asking for an owl...


I wish I could attach a screenshot of the tip that appeared when I first missed this question. It says, "Dieu is feminine, so use EN to mean IN or TO." Then the sample multiple choice said, "Elle travaille _ Dieu." The choices of answers were EN or À. So here is my question: Is anything in this tip correct (other than the suggestion that EN is the proper preposition to use when saying Vous croyez EN Dieu)? Isn't Dieu masculine, and if so, is there another reason that EN is the correct preposition for this phrase?

[deactivated user]

    First of all: "Dieu" is masculine => "Un Dieu, Une Déesse." Secondly: We use "en" for feminin and masculine words => "je crois en lui, je crois en elle."


    Thank you. So the tip is correct, as long as 1) Dieu is the name of a country which has been designated as feminine and 2) She works there ("Elle travaille en Dieu" was the answer to the example question).

    [deactivated user]

      What ?! The translation of "Dieu" is God. "Elle travaille en Dieu" has no sense at all, it litterally means : she works in God.


      Yes, I realize that. I think the program designed to make these tips may have been treating the word "Dieu" as if it were a name of a place which would require the preposition EN. The examples it gave were: "Marie habite en Italie" and "On va en Australie." So these tips are sometimes less than helpful.


      reductio ad absurdum!

      Well played. Have a lingot.

      And yes, I think pretty much everyone agrees that the mid-lesson tips are a day late, a dollar short, and very distracting. They really should go away.


      More rubbish from the Duo programmers....section headed Sport is full of references to God. Idiots.

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