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  5. "Càite a bheil do cho-ogha?"

"Càite a bheil do cho-ogha?"

Translation:Where is your cousin?

April 26, 2020



So, co-ogha can be translated as 'cousin' or 'grandchild'.
It looks like it's made of two elements. What does 'ogha' mean on its own (grandchild, iirc). What does the co- prefix do in Gaidhlig? (Is it, properly, a prefix the way you get in Germanic and Romance languages?)


co- comes from older comh meaning fellow, common, mutual similarly to English-from-Latin co- (from older Lat. con, from prep. cum) in co-operate (both from Proto-Indo-European *ḱóm ‘with’). So co-ogha is a fellow grandchild, co-grandchild (which makes sense, your cousins are other grandchildren of your grandparent).

The same co(mh)- is in còmhla (ri) together (acc. to MacBain’s from còmh-làmh, with fellow hand, hand in hand, hands together (with)).


co-ogha can be translated as 'cousin' or 'grandchild'

Only as 'cousin', not as 'grandchild'.

Seconding what silmeth said, it is best remembered as:

  • ogha > grandchild
  • co-ogha > co-grandchild i.e. cousin
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