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"Léa got excellent results; she is proud."

Translation:Léa a eu des résultats excellents, elle est fière.

April 26, 2020



Excellent résultats, mais pourquoi la bonne réponse n'est pas ça?


Cela dépend de ce qui a été écrit avant car :

'Léa a eu des résultats excellents' devient alors 'Léa a eu d'excellents résultats'.


She didn't 'got' them, she 'had' them. 'Got' is past tense of 'give' and is given much too reliance by Duo.


'got' is the past tense of 'get'; 'gave' is the past tense of 'give'. 'get' and 'got are perfectly correct to use with results.


Lea a eu - Lea had excellent results. Still too many 'gots'.


According to https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/avoir "avoir" can mean "to have" (in the sense of "to possess") or "to get" (in the sense of "to obtain"), among other meanings. The meanings aren't the same, though either could work in the sentence. If you don't like "got", don't use it, but it is an acceptable word. Maybe it's overused and redundant in many cases, but here it has a meaning, especially if the redults are grades in school.


Lea a gagne des resultats excellents; elle est fiere

Why isn't "gagner" an appropriate word in this case?


Sorry to be thick, but why can "excellents" go before or after "results"? According to BANGS shouldn't it go before?


"Excellent" is not on the BANGS list. You can put it before the noun when it is your opinion or after the noun when there's a consensus about this characteristic.


Des vs les yet again!


"Des résultats" is the plural of "un résultat" (a result).


When there is a modifying adjective, I thought des becomes de?

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