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Can't see the Dutch flag


I wanted to report that I cannot see a person's flag next to his/her name on the forums. I see it on the profile, but never in the forums. I used to see it on the first day, but not anymore.

Not that it bothers me, just that I think it's weird, I've never noticed it with any other language.


July 22, 2014



The Dutch flag seems to come and go in the forums for some people, and seems to stick for others. I'm sure the Duo team are working on it as it is probably just a minor teething issue due to the fact that Dutch is a new course for English speakers. I wouldn't worry too much, it'll most likely be fixed soon :)


Not only that, but my French 25 doesn't seem to be appearing in all cases. Maybe because I switch to "Spanish from French" I see it now, of course!


I seem to be able to see it next to my name and a few other people's, but apart from that it's invisible. I suspect they're working on it…

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