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  5. "He is my brother now."

"He is my brother now."

Translation:Hij is nu mijn broer.

July 22, 2014



"Hij is mijn broer nu" must also be correct


no because of the 'Time, manner, place' word order.

In English we have the 'place, manner, time' Word order.

He goes home by train today.

(Where home is the place, by train is the manner/means and today is the time.)

In Dutch that would correspond to:

Hij gaat vandaag med de trein naar huis.

This would sound strange in English.

He goes today by train home.

EDIT: Just progressed further through this lesson and it gave the alternate translation of 'He is here already,'

Hij is al hier (Which is the standard as I know it) and also offered Hij is hier al.

So I'm not sure how stiff these rules are :/


This rule is not so stiff, what Buxtaart wrote is acceptable .

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