It's's's phenomenal!

April 26, 2020


Does anyone remember Irn Bru 32? I said this to my family and they swear it didn't exist, but a quick google check proved them wrong :D

Pure mental stimulation in a can!

32? Was that named for the number of flavours?

Someone should translate this into Gaelic and suggest it to A. G. Barr as the basis of a new marketing campaign.

tha e balganta... tha e orains... tha e iongantach!

Or something like that. ;-)

Aye...everybody in the world loves IRN-BRU...It gets you through...and it’s made in Scotland from Girders.

Since there is no ginger in IRN BRU, I think you mean the colour of the drink, which would likely be more 'orains' than 'ruadh', so I've replaced the 'dinnseir'. :)

The ginger in the ads is a pun on the West of Scotland "ginger" meaning "fizzy drink". The first flavoured fizzydrink was ginger beer, and that became a metonym there for all carbonated drinks. "I want a bottle of ginger" "What kind of ginger?" "Lemonade" The word "ginger" also has the hair colour thing, as well as suggesting activity and livliness. The challenge in Gaelic is to make a pun, with either the word for a soft drink, the colour, or iron involved...

Yes, the challenge of creating good advertising as well as good translations... thanks for the info, very interesting.

Tha e balganta... tha e meirgeach... tha e iongantach! ;-)

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