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"Oh dear! Don't pick that up, Iain!"

Translation:Mo chreach! Na tog sin, Iain!

April 26, 2020



It told me I had a typo in my response. Is there a difference between Òbh òbh and Obh obh? I initially learned it with the accent, but have seen it pop up without the accent as well.


I had that too! This was the first time I'd seen it without accents!


Yes why is this? Happened to me too


I though "Mo chreach" was "My dear" and "Òbh òbh" was "Oh dear". What have I missed?


mo chreach literally means my destruction, destruction of me, or something like that and it is used like English oh dear! or dear me! (I think both mo chreach and òbh òbh are accepted for that phrase in the course).

My dear in English could be used completely differently, when addressing some person dear to you, eg. don’t be afraid, my dear or something like that – that’s definitely not a correct translation of mo chreach (in Gaelic you’d rather use the vocative a charaid, a ghaoil, a rùin, etc. depending on how close the person is to you).

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