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instructions on how to do translations

Hi, I hope people are patient with me asking this as a newbie to Duolingo - but could somebody please explain how to do translations in the Immersion section? If my skills are low, how do I find something that fits my level? And am I supposed to translate just a sentence, or the entire thing?

If I'm looking up Google translate or a dictionary to figure out what certain words are, it doesn't make sense that I should be the one who's doing the translation. But I want to get started...so, help please?

And IS there an actual help page that would explain this kind of thing? I've looked, and can't seem to find anything.

May 6, 2013



You can essentially do as much or as little as you want because every bit is a contribution to the entire document getting translated.

Also, you can hover over the individual words in the sentence in order to get hints as to what certain words are so that you don't have to pull up Google Translate or whip out a dictionary. You aren't expected to have all of these words in your vocabulary already but, since you're translating into your native language, you are qualified in terms of knowing what sounds correct/awkward/strange in (for example) English.


Hi there! Glad you're taking a look at the immersion section. Right now, you might find that many of the articles are too advanced, but we will be distinguishing between levels soon (adding more articles across levels). For now, I'd just scan through different article categories that you enjoy, and try to see if there are sentences that you feel comfortable translating. You can do one sentence, edit what another members have contributed, or go for translating an entire article. It's up to you.

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