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How can I improve my French pronunciation?

Hi, I am just trying to learn french. I am understanding most of it. But I need some tips regarding how can I improve my french pronunciation. Please share your experience and suggest me some tips by which I can also improve my French pronunciation. Help!

April 26, 2020



There are some good Youtube video which just teach pronunciation. For example - frenchsounds But Pimsleur is also good for senetnces and learning French.


To help with French pronunciation you need to engross yourself in the language which in the age of the internet is not too difficult a task, I would start by watching some French movies or series.

If you are just starting out with French there is a great series that you can find on Youtube called Extra French. They speak slowly and use basic vocabulary to help learners of the language and you can get a better idea as to the sound of French.



I often watch my favourite shows but french dubbed, also you can look at foreign films/ shows through netflix categories. I would say the only way to improve is listening to people who actually speak it.


I watch Netflix shows and I think it is very helpful :)


Try "Ma Petite planète Chérie" https://youtu.be/8jmKaBgoT8E Educational Or watch Jeane d'Arc téléfilm https://youtu.be/-NpuDpXExZg Or if you like documentries, you can try Reportages et investigations https://youtu.be/wZYyEui_UXA


Hey aliabbas, what I found helpful is to keep repeating out loud the sentences given in the lession. Try to repeat slowly and several times in a row. Try your best to imitate the exact sounds (there is a slower version expecially after you click few times). Another important part of pronounciation is actually your ability to identify musical pitch. Basically I find that musical training (e.g. singing and or your ability to follow the melody closely) really helps with pronounciation. So maybe look into taking singing classes and learn some French songs! Good lulck:)


Ya I am a good singer. But please suggest some french songs.


i do this to improve my pronunciation and it actually helped


Try the FluentForever Channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI2Pso1dDjM You need to learn how to place your tongue and lips in order to pronounce it correctly. The other thing is the vowels and the accents - they're "flat", there are no accents in french, or very few (that's why we French are terrible at pronounciating English and German)


mets une baguette dans ta bouche

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