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Earning XP points in the various "leagues" on an even basis for all

There is something extremely strange going on in the various competitive "leagues." People are scoring hundreds of XP points within mere minutes of the "turnover" for the week. I don't believe that this is physically possible, so I would like to know how this is being done. Moreover, some participants seem to be being offered extra points--double points, high scoring tests, etc. on a basis I don't understand. I realize that we are not all five year old people playing schoolyard games, but it seems that if there is going to be such an incentivized competition with such unevenness in "scoring" that we should all know the rules, and be able to participate on an even basis.

April 27, 2020



You might also want to acknowledge that pursuing as many languages as you are and at such a basic level... you can amass a greater amount of XP than someone who is pursuing only one or two languages at an already advanced level..

We are n't on an even basis even if you find a solution to the issue of those who are not trying to learn anything


I should explain that I am a linguist, and have found it great to use Duo Lingo to do a little enjoyable recreational exploration in languages that I have been curious about, but never had much time to study, like Hungarian, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, etc. I really don't take this "competition" seriously, but it does seem to be working in a way that may not be as Duo intends.


I don't doubt that you are nor that your interest and effort isn't legitimate.

I have personally experienced a marked decline in weekly progress the 11 weeks I've been at this... that's not the fault of anything DL is doing right or wrong. There was a time when leagues were important to me and when I quit them, my decline continued.. but at nearly a week since dropping them I find my progress goals based on what I want to do and what I will accept as a bare minimum can be just as effective.

There will always be someone winning a race you're not willing to run... In the end... those who game the system achieve a feat everyone knows is illegitimate... they waste their time on something meaningless...

let it go...their reward is also their punishment.


I believe that since plus users are able to download their courses and work offline, they earn a bunch of points offline and then when they connect to the internet again they seem to jump hundreds of points but I think it’s just cause they were playing offline for a while maybe? Also, the only other way to gain lots of points is the xp challenges which won’t seem to work for me (let me know if you are having the same problem). But even with those unless they are buying time boosters they get quite challenging to do in 1:45 and I think they really drill what you have covered so far in your head so I find them fair when everyone gets to use them! I am a plus user and my 40XP Challenges haven’t worked for a week and I can’t compete without them. :( anyway hope this helps


What I think is happening is people are doing the basics over and over and over again so they can climb up to the top of the leader board. They probably aren't bothering with learning the languages. They probably find the competition is drowning them out.


You may be right. It takes 15 minutes at least to get through a new more advanced lesson in any language, and especially in one of the more complicated ones. Where I am the leaderboard turns over at 5:00pm. Almost instantly someone has racked up 500XPs. As I said, it is physically impossible to do this, unless there is some shortcut, or there is some army of people doing lessons on the same account. But that kind of obsessive compulsiveness is really antithetical to language learning.


There have already been dozens of threads about this issue. Search to find more. This has been kind of talked to death in my opinion. I've stayed on the diamond level tor a few months getting 700 to 800 points a,week. That really isn't that much.


i had the same thing happen to me to! i was sort of isolated in the rankings in a position to move on but today around the time leagues end in my time zone i’d dropped out of the top ten and was 200 XP behind the person ahead of me. i agree that we’re not kids and shouldn’t be taking this too seriously but i’m so confused how this happened.


I think people are doing stories which can get you 25 points each story


What I used to do, and I don't consider cheating, is to open my computer and phone on Duolingo at the same time. It is very challenging, yet fun, to see how fast I can comprend two stories being narrated at once. Now thing of an enterprising individual who has two computers, an iPad and an iPhone or two...they could have the same story going on all of them, and simply be "round robin-ing" them all and gaining five times the points in essentially the same time as someone on one device. I agree...if they gave you points ONLY for "new" learning, or at least made stuff that you have already accomplished only worth five points, then the boards might be more fair.


People use laptops which makes them fast if they know what they're doing and also i usually just full send stories cause it gives me much more exp than tnenormal lessons

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