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"Dimanche, j'en achèterai une vingtaine au marché."

Translation:On Sunday, I'll buy about twenty of them at the market.

April 27, 2020



Duo accepts : "Dimanche, Jean acheterai une vingtaine au marché". LOL. My mistake: I had to report it as "should not be accepted".


It should not be accepted indeed, because it won't sound the same (no liaison between Jean and achèterait and you really need en in that sentence. Even Jean en achèterait would sound different. But that's funny.


Plus, "Jean" would not liaise with any other words starting with a vowel sound so you would not hear the ending N.


Does 'une vingtaine' always mean 'ABOUT twenty' rather than merely 'twenty'?


I dropped the preposition in front of Sunday: "Sunday I'll buy..." Duo insists on "On Sunday..." Both "Sunday" and "On Sunday..." are correct in English to indicate "this coming Sunday" rather than "Sundays". Boy oh boy, this is ever so frustrating.

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