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"Zij eet geen kaas, aangezien zij vegetariër is."

Translation:She does not eat cheese since she is a vegetarian.

July 22, 2014



I knew being vegetarian requires many sacrifices, but giving up ones cheese is just too much, especially if one is Dutch!


Vegetarians actually usually eat cheese, but vegans don't. I'm vegan and it is surprisingly easy not to eat cheese!


Some vegetarians don't eat cheeses that are made using calf rennet. Most cheese nowadays is made with rennet enzymes produced by genetically modified microorganisms, so it's fine for vegetarians (but obviously still not for vegans).


I'm vegan too, and I've noticed that food products from Europe are usually only labeled "vegetarian," if they are vegan. I suspect the word "vegetarian" means something different to Americans than it does to non-Americans. For this reason I generally don't call myself vegan but rather say "I don't eat meat" or "I don't eat dairy." etc. as the need arises.


To me, as a Canadian, to be a vegetarian is to not eat meat ,and a vegan eats nothing from an animal at all.


German here, we also make the distinction between vegetarian and vegan (and I'm actually pretty sure that the Dutch don't do it differently either)


True. Also, there are many "veggie" products in Germany that you have to double check for egg powder or weird dairy ingredients, as not eating meat seems to be the standard food deviance, whereas finding vegan products in a normal supermarket can be tedious.


A "vegetarian" diet in the UK definitely includes dairy and egg. I think amongst many south Asians it includes dairy, but not egg.


I'm from the UK and I've always taken vegetarian to refer only to meat, while vegan refers to meat and anything else animal-derived.


I just came for the dictionary-waving vegans.


This is incorrect. Vegetarians still eat cheese, it's vegans who don't. I've been to both Belgium and the Netherlands before, and they make the distinction, so it's not a cultural thing.


There are several types of vegetarians. Ovo-vegetarians don't eat meat and diary, but eat eggs. Lacto-vegetarians don't eat meat and eggs, but eat diary products. And ovo-lacto-vegetarians eat all except meat.


Maar kaas is niet vlees!


I put "as" and was marked wrong...


Is aangeien since or because? I thought because was "want"...?


There seems to be almost as many ways to say "because" as there is to say "you" @_@


Don't forget 'omdat'!

I imagine 'aangezien' is more parallel with saying 'seeing as how'. What with the root 'zien' in there.


Dutch husband says if you are learning Dutch, you need to learn to eat cheese!


Omg what has this turned into? XD


So this is the the reason why the taught us how to say 'vegetarian' in dutch since the get-go? Is this what the build-up was for? T_T


Okay, yes, yes, vegetariër doesn't necessarily mean not eating cheese, but what IS the Dutch word for this/vegan?


Veganist or veganistisch.


why is it "zij vegetariër is"? Can i also use"zij is vegetariër"


Vegetarians DO eat cheese. Vegans do not eat cheese.


So many people both offended and interested over so shallow a topic.. Get a job people!


One could say the same to you.

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