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Cognac est une ville du centre-est de la France

Funny that, I was only there a couple of years ago and it was not too far from the Western Atlantic coastline of France. In fact, the adjacent Département is called Charente Maritime, which is a good trick if you are 500km inland! Come on Duolingo (and everyone else who has already translated this nonsense word-for-word). What is the point of translating this garbage, when there is no facility to amend crass errors???

August 9, 2012

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I just wrote quite a long comment questioning the use of the juvenile Vikidia (from where these articles come) rather than the actual full Wikipedia and listing some of the errors I have found in articles. However I then lost the comment and can't be bothered re-typing it. Basic summary is that I agree with you and think that a lot of these articles aren't worth translating. Why are we not using articles from the real thing - Wikipedia - where accuracy is much better policed? After all, that was what Luis gave in his TED talk as one of the ambitions for the project.

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