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  5. "I cannot cook rice."

"I cannot cook rice."

Translation:Ik kan geen rijst koken.

July 22, 2014



I interpret the correct answer, "Ik kan geen rijst koken", as "I can cook no rice" or "I can't cook any rice." Wouldn't "I cannot cook rice", meaning "I don't have the ability to cook rice", be "Ik kan niet rijst koken"?

I didn't report this as an error because I am unsure about it.



Does anyone have a appropriate answer for this ? It seems confusing to quite some of us. I also thought that "geen" was placed somewhere where "een" would be in the affirmative sentence, but here it would make no sense: "I can cook a rice"


Rice is an uncountable noun...Like geese...like sheep... You use "geen" and be happy about using it to refer to "A" "category" of food. "A" species of animal is substituted instead of the specific "the" animal that you could instead reference. You did not name each rice kernel or each sheep or each goose....when you referenced this noun "rice", it is unspecified and remains a group of uncountable "rice" - not "the rice" but "a kind of food: rice".


Would "Ik kan niet koken rijst" or "Ik kan koken niet rijst" work?


No, sorry. Please read my previous comment: I explain the reasoning behind the use of geen in this sentence.


In German, both "Ich kann nicht Reis kochen" and "Ich kann keinen Reis kochen" are fine. The former sounds more like "I'm not trained to cook rice" (the negation pertains to "cook") and the latter like "I have no rice to cook" (the negation pertains to "rice"). Is it the same in Dutch? Or is "Ik kan niet rijst koken" really weird?


would ' Ik kan niet om kaas te koken' be good?


No, sorry, that's not possible, just as in English you cannot say 'I can't to cook rice'. That would be completely ungrammatical.


ik kan niet rijst koken was wrong, but would it be a correct sentence (in another case) if I said "ik kan niet de rijst koken"?


When it's "de rijst" then yes, you use "niet" instead of "geen". However, the word order is wrong, it should be "Ik kan de rijst niet koken."


Thanks everybody

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