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"My colleague is on vacation, and I'm writing a letter to her."

Translation:Ma collègue est en vacances et je lui écris une lettre.

April 27, 2020



I thought 'collegue' was a masculine noun. Why is 'Ma' used with no change in spelling to make 'collegue' feminine, please?


In fact, it is a "unisex" noun, like dentiste, where the endings don't change with the gender. The only way you can know the gender is by the preceding mon/ma (or son/sa, depending).


I don't think my answer should have been accepted as I mixed up the genders? mon collègue est en vacances et je lui écris une lettre. Mon collègue indicates a male while the statement says her. Oh well, I'll take it and move on as many other "correct" responses were marked wrong.


I wrote the same thing and it was accepted as correct 24/8/21. I didn't know collegue was a non-gender specific noun !

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