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Will I be able to understand Quebecois if I learn French?

I realize people in Quebec speak French, but from what I understand it's different from the French spoken in France. I realize learning French on Duolingo and other sources will give me a good understanding of the language, but I'm wondering how far that would get me if I went to visit Montreal? I'm Canadian, so understanding Quebec French would certainly be beneficial for my day-to-day life as I plan on potentially moving to Ottawa in the future!

April 27, 2020



You won’t have a problem it you gain fluency. I work in French in France and Québec. There are differences but nothing that will stop anyone who is fluent. Montreal is particularly bi-lingual as a city, in any case.


True English is widely used especially the west end.


The French spoken in Quebec is sort of different from the one in France. So on Duolingo, you might be learning most of the same but some words are different from the Quebecois way of french. That is what my teacher taught me, I don't think Duolingo will get you far in french if you just do Duolingo. Whenever I do Duolingo most of what I just did I forget in a matter of seconds after finishing the lesson. So try to do some non-online things too to help with more work that is interactive.

Example for happy birthday: the people in France would say Joyeux Anniversaire In Quebec, they say bonne fête

I have no idea what that was hope it was somewhat helpful.


The accent and vocabulary is are pretty different but you wouldn't run into any major difficulties


I was wondering that too when I first took the course. It's very similar to american english VS british because it's the same language, but maybe some words, pronunciation, and idioms vairy


As French I can understand Quebecers, the only thing is that for me the language would not be very well spoken, not logical.


Their accent is different but after a couple of days you should be able to understand it.


Vous devriez regarder 'Au Service de la France' (Netflix et peut-être Youtube) saison deux, épisode trois. C'est quand une délégation de Québec arrive à Paris pour rendez-vous avec des agents de 'les services secrets français'. C'est très drôle. Regardez commençant environs treize minutes de l'épisode. (et toute la sèrie est assez bonne)


How Similar Are Québec French and Metropolitan French?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9rh3lqdtT0


Thank you that video was helpful

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