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Stories and XP

I assigned my class 100 XP last week and a bunch of the students did ¨stories¨ and it said they were getting XP for doing the stories but it doesn´t show up on my end. It didn´t give them credit towards the 100 XP for doing stories. Why did this happen? Is there something I need to change? Let me know. Thanks!

April 27, 2020



The stories themselves are not very educational, and I have found this a problem as well. Tell your students to not do the stories, and just do the Learn section. Happy Learning!!


Although you can earn XP for Stories, that XP is not connected to assignment XP. Some day, it will be, but not yet.

Part of the issue is that you can spend 30 seconds on a story and get your week's worth of XP. ;)

Personally, I LOVE Stories because you are seeing language in context. There are a group of us working on supports for teaching Stories in the classroom. Check out https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36691441 and add to what we are doing!

Let your students know that Stories should be above and beyond the weekly XP assignment. When I want to assign a specific story, I have the students send me a screenshot of the golden icon. So if you wanted to, you could say, "Do your assignment OR send me screenshots of three golden Story icons." (or whatever you like.)

Hope this helps!

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