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  5. "I do not like salt at all."

"I do not like salt at all."

Translation:Cha toil leam salann idir.

April 27, 2020



When do i use 'leam' and when 'leum'?


When you speak about jumping, you use leum, when you speak about something or somebody being with you (or liking something – lit. it being your delight, a delight with you), you use leam.


-tha bhi mi- ... what is that construction?


-cha bhi mi- (Android is not allowing me to edit my note above.)


I do hate that the Android app lets you comment but not edit it (iOS app doesn't let you comment at all, though)!

cha is used for negation, so you know it's going to be a form of "not". The future tense, "I will be", is bidh mi. When you put cha before it, it changes to cha bhi mi. "I will not be...".

[deactivated user]

    The lady who reads words is way to soft on pronouncing words for people trying to learn. No disrespect intended. The guys you have are crystal clear and she is so soft its hard to actually hear what she says. I have asked three others to be sure its not just me and all agree that she is not clear enough.


    Can't see the difference from what I'd written

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