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Issues with assigning work.


I assigned work today for my students. For those already in the class, receiving the work was no problem. For many, especially those that signed up today, when I clicked” assign now” their account goes to pending. The issue is they are not receiving an email link to notify them of the assignment. Additionally, when I go back into the assignments to check on the pending accounts the SAME students say, “assign now.” It is the same assignment and it keeps reverting back. This has happened numerous times. I think there may be a glitch because their assignments are not processing. I created a new class and merged the two classes like I read from a previous issue a teacher posted but the same issue is still occurring. I sent them links from Duolingo Help Center no issues with emails and videos but no luck. Anyway to fix this. Am I assigning too many at once? The process has been very frustrating from both me and the students.

April 27, 2020



This has been common. I would hold the assignments until it is working again. If you cannot, instead of assigning them specific lessons, give them XP goals in an email, and have them send you a screenshot of the lessons they did that day! Happy Learning!


Lafutbominia's advice is good. I will report this for you in the Educator's Network. Hang tight.

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