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Student activity not being applied to progress in assignments?

I generally give an assignment each week to complete a certain number of xp. For the last two weeks however, a handful students have emailed me that they have done over the minimum number and it hasn't counted toward their progress (other students had no problem). They have sent me screenshots showing what they did to prove they had done it.

Today another student let me know it wasn't counting his work to the assignment. I went in to the assignment and saw that it said he hadn't started the assignment, but then when I went into "Activity Details" for that student, I could see all of the different lessons he had done earlier today (with the timestamp, so I knew it was within the time for this current assignment) and all of the xp he had earned, but Duolingo still said he hadn't started the assignment.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? It is getting really frustrating for me and my students. I submitted a bug report last week with screenshots, but haven't gotten an answer from Duolingo yet.

April 27, 2020



Duolingo is aware of lagtime (probably due to high volume), and I believe they are furiously working to fix this. I will report you in the Duolingo's Network so that their bug fixers have more data. Hang tight. For now, keep having your students send you screenshots, or wait a day or two before entering grades.


Schools have been out since March 13th. Why isn't Duolingo fixing this already?


Correct if I'm wrong but this bug keeps appearing. Also Duolingo is dealing other things. Because of higher demand. (My theory) The general public doesn't really care about education. They care about it went a outside force prompts the unconscious to think about something related to education. The general public cares about the needs/wants of themselves more than education that influenced their choices in live and made their needs/wants. So narrow this general public to Duolingo and you will find that the same rule applies here. For less than 1% of Duolingo users use the forum. So when it comes to data educators are (most likely) very low on that need to be improved/fixed list.

It would be very beneficial if Duolingo divided staff into six categories. Educator team(fixing/improving Duolingo for schools), bug report team(dealing with all kinds of bug reports), cheaters team(dealing with any and all cheaters on Duolingo), security(responsible for browsing the web for possible leaks of Duolingo accounts), forum team(a very small team 2-3 people that look at the forums and bounce ideas to the coding team), and the coding team(a large team of people working on improving Duolingo itself[including considering feature requests from the forum team]).

Sorry for rambling on.


I submitted a bug report last week with screenshots, but haven't gotten an answer from Duolingo yet.

They take a while to respond. For faster results contact Duolingo on Twitter(@Duolingo).

The best thing you can do now is wait and asking for screenshot confirmation.

Recommendation: Do a Google Meet/Zoom/other video conference site and ask all the students in turn to share their screen and have them show you the work they are doing.

Recommendation 2:Have one student join you in a video conference. Then create a new class and invite that student. Post an assignment for them and watch as they do your assignment. Then as they finish the assignment refresh your page and see if it shows up.

Recommendation 3: Do recommendation 1 and 2.


I’m seeing it too, and it seems to be when the students complete stories, I don’t see, but when they complete lessons, I see. It’s frustrating because they love doing the stories but I can’t see they are doing it.


Stories are relatively new, and aren't linked to Assignments yet. If you want to assign a story, have your students send you a screen shot of the golden icons for now. And check out the discussion https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36647198!


Hello, I just posted about this. It is very difficult to track 100 students' progress with this issue. Has it been resolved? I was adjusting grades all day today.


I reported you in the Educator's Network. Hang tight.


Thank you so much. I hope that it can be resolved. I understand that the high volume of users can cause such issues. My students truly enjoy Duo Lingo and I would like to continue using it throughout the remote learning process and in the classroom.


I have one student who is having problems even getting duolingo to load and yes, I've heard of the lag situation with the grades! I would like to thank you all for being here to help! Last fall I reported problems with this issue and it never was really resolved back then, which is too bad. I'm hoping that this will be fixed for the future! Also, I hope that Duolingo does become EdLaw compliant soon! I would hate to lose this site!


Hello. I find that what is working is to look at the Summary pages first and transfer scores that are in green and yellow. Then for each student that has an assignment in red, I go into their activity log to ensure that there is no discrepancy.


My classmates and teacher have been having the exact same problem. She said they had to get it fixed because she wasn't going to be able to go through all the screenshots in order to have grades in the gradebook on time.


Peyton, what is your assignment? Is it XP or is it a skill?

Are you completing it on a phone or on the computer?

Have you asked your teacher to wait a day before checking completion?

Let us know and we will help you hunt down the problem.


Having similar issues.

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